We believe that businesses are the backbone of our country. Without them we would not be the flourishing nation we are today. Business owners are some of the bravest, most hard-working people we have ever meet. After watching several 40+ year businesses close the doors in 2017/2018, our hearts broke. With no continuity plan in place no legacy was left, families scrambled to find other sources of income, employees were forced to search for new employment and customers were left to find new trusted resources. 

In the spring of 2018, we got inspired to do something about guiding owners in finishing well. After doing research around business succession planning and exit strategies, we discovered a commonality that spans all markets. 92% of business owners do not have a written plan to successfully exit their companies putting their families, business legacy, employees and customer relationships at risk. 

At Summit Exit Advisors our mission is simple yet complex.  We serve our business owner clients in planning the single most critically important financial event of their lives, the transition from their business.

Transition to family or key employees, third party sale, ESOP or liquidation? We can help.Whether an owner has objectives that are financial, legacy, charitable or personal, we can help. We utilize a proven plan to offer creative, strategic solutions that both maximize and protect owner value, minimize risk and taxation while addressing the legacy that can be a blessing for generations.

Exit planning ideally starts 3-10 years in advance of an exit. Through a series of discovery  conversations, we guide the planning process for this inevitable event and/or unexpected health crisis that unexpectedly prevents an owner from being able to run the company.

We can be reached at 913-267-1471 or dave@summitexitadvisors.com for a no pressure, confidential conversation. No matter what your situation or business size, we can help. We specialize in business valuations, business continuity planning, business transition planning and pre-purchase due diligence/M&A services and would be honored to serve you.   

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